A Year in Review


2014 was a pretty good year! Here are a few events that stuck out for Carrie and me:

Vineyard Peoria started a junior high ministry.

The whole reason we moved to Peoria was to help with the beginning of the Vineyard church here, so every new benchmark is pretty exciting! Carrie worked with Ben and Lamar to launch the junior high ministry back in February, and it’s been going strong. There are around eight kids total in the program and it meets every other Sunday morning.

Carrie quit her job.

After a change of management at Prairie Lakes, Carrie decided it was time for a new chapter and quit her job. It been a nice adjustment as it allows us to be a lot better in eating healthy and getting things done around the house. But more on that later!

A new generation of “Bob…” fans.

I may have told the junior high kids at church about my remake of “Bob and That Other Guy and the Search for the Green B’s”. Their surprising enthusiasm motivated me to polish it up, fix some bugs, and get it up for download on my website.

Adam moved out and got married!

As nice as it was having a roommate to help pay the rent, Carrie and I have been enjoying having our house to ourselves. No more need to shut the door when using the restroom!

This change was catalyzed by Adam’s engagement and consequent marriage. We were honored to both be included in the wedding party.

We got a gym membership.

We’re getting old and our bodies need a little more deliberate attention than they used to. So even though my resolution for 2014 was to not work out, we went ahead and signed up.

We started “renovating”.

Okay, so maybe not real renovations, but when we bought our house two years ago we took advantage of the fact that it was move in ready and didn’t do any painting or change any fixtures.

Once Adam’s furniture was all out, it was time to start adding our own touch! The living room was first; the walls got painted, curtains hung, piano hauled down to the basement. One room at a time! Maybe this year we will tackle the kitchen.


At the beginning of November, one of the executives at work stoked a bit of department rivalry and got the IT department roped into a Christmas decorating showdown.

The competition escalated throughout the month, into the final run up to the Christmas company meeting. When all was said and done, I had cut over two hundred snowflakes using a Silhouette brand cutting plotter and a snowflake drawing app of my own design.

Everyone else pitched in other various pieces. We had a fake fireplace with a Rudolph head hung over it, Christmas trees, and all our cubicles decorated like log cabins.

snowflakes Xmas Aisle

Other Miscellaneous Happenings:

There was a turkey in my work’s parking deck. I mean, how is that not a highlight?!

I fell down a hill walking around Bradley park playing disc golf and scraped myself up pretty badly.

I got stuck in the attic while no one was home and had to wait for someone to come save me!

And I also got stuck in an elevator on Halloween! SPOOKY!