A background I made by request for my brother’s birthday.



These backgrounds are based on a pattern I draw with pencil and paper when my mind wanders. The underlying structures were generated with JavaScript and HTML/CSS, captured with PhantomJS, and then manipulated in Photoshop to give the final results.

Pipes 1 Pipes 2 Pipes 3

Here’s one more image I made with Structure Synth this weekend.

Sphere Packing 4


I was messing around in Structure Synth, a 3D cousin of Context Free, and decided to make some more backgrounds. Previous backgrounds can be found here. Enjoy!

Color Slabs 1Color Slabs 2Black & White SlabsSphere Packing 1Sphere Packing 2Sphere Packing 3

I had someone point out that my backgrounds might look better without all the solid black so I cropped a couple of them and spiced ’em up. Enjoy.


One of my hobbies is messing around with computer generated music and images. I sent some of my artwork to a friend of mine who’s in school for graphic design and she encouraged me to make some background images with it. Here’s the result. You might recognize the first image from an earlier post. (Click any thumbnail for the full 2560×1600 image.)

Bloom 1Bloom 2Bloom 3Bloom 4Bloom 5Grid 1Grid 2Triangles 1Triangles 2Triangles 3Triangles 4Triangles 5Triangles 6

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